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Where and how do you find serenity? It’s important to communicate with your interior designer what type of mood you want to achieve in a space, or if there are any design elements or themes that help you achieve that mental state. The Ohio couple that moved into this homey master bedroom loves being in the great outdoors and wanted to find a way to bring that feeling inside. This room design marries the peace of the outdoors and the comfort of luxe furnishings to create an organic, contemporary bedroom. With the exception of clean lines and solid materials, everything in the room reads as soft and inviting. The natural flow of the draperies, neutral tones, and careful balance of contrast feel soothing.

One of the focal points of the room is the birch wallpaper from Wallquest, which provides a great backdrop for the plush canopy bed. The upholstery on the headboard and sideboards is trimmed with silver nailhead, matching the metal around the textured mirror, as well as the legs of the dressing table and nightstand. The large windows ensure plenty of natural light during the daytime, and after the sun sets recessed canned lighting in combination with the chandeliers ensure the whole room is bathed in a soft glow. Day or night, this comfortable master bedroom is naturally gorgeous and provides a place for the homeowners to unwind, rest, and reconnect with what makes them feel at peace.

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