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Starting off this new year with a bang! Here at Berninger Designs we approaching the final touches of a renovation project in Newport!  This Victorian home has been a masterpiece in work and we are looking forward to installation day. This certainly makes the start of 2019 very exciting considering it will be the first install of the year! This Victorian home will be a three story fully furnished space all the way from new custom furniture to detailed antique pieces. It’s a space that will take you back through time with its lovely Victorian Motifs and stained glass windows, while also brining in some of our favorite modern touches. It’s a place everyone will be wishing they lived in, I know we do!

Keeping up with trends

With this renovation project we really wanted to keep the integrity of the history that surrounds this project as well as adopting some new and trendy design details within the space. In this kitchen we decided to go with the interior black window frames. This trend can turns a room into a more intimate area just by  exaggerating where most of the natural light comes from. Leaving the kitchen, as the ultimate statement for all guest to see. As far as cabinets, white will always be the most timeless chic kitchen accessories. Can’t go wrong with all white! To give the room more elegant touches, we mixed several textures within the kitchen. The rich wood countertops surrounded by the beautiful black and white floor tile. Just the right amount of mixing materials can completely transform the space.

How to Make a House Go From Old to New

Victorian homes are filled with detail and have very defined characteristics to them. You may be thinking how can you make what’s old new? There are a lot of things that you can learn from designing with older Victorian homes.

1.    Don’t be scared! Embrace some of the older architectural features. It’s a statement in itself and can work well in your space.

2.    Finding areas to update. Its as simple as a new paint color. Especially when working with heavy and dark woods. Brighten a space with a new and lighter color.

3.    Embrace color or no color at all. With the lovely stained glass and statement tile it can seem overwhelming, but if you add some statement colors such as a throw, pillows or even a chair it will play well in the space. Or its just as simple as using neutral tones if wanting to keep a more chic and clean look. Up to you!

4.    How to maximize space and Flow of traffic. Sometimes you just need to eliminate certain walls to extend your space for living. Creating an effortless flow between kitchen, dining and living can turn a space from old to new. These are all areas that have high traffic. Let’s open them up!

Our favorite

Lets talk about how excited we are for this master bedroom. Photos are soon to come. You will for sure want to be around to see upcoming photos of the Master Bedroom and Bath. Artistic Tile company we love you for this custom shower backsplash. We really outdid ourselves here! Stained glass with a mixture of our white tile selections and hints of gold, it will for sure be one of the big highlights of the entire project. Stay tuned for photos on the next blog!

 Liking the vibe of this Victorian home? I encourage you to keep posted for upcoming blogs. There will be more photos to come and you don’t want to miss these.

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